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Source for Searches can supply you with fast EPCs (Energy Performance certificates), nationwide. One of our UK wide network of highly qualified DEA’s (Domestic Energy Assessors) will attend your premises, carry out the EPC assessment and return your EPC to you within 24 hours of their site visit.

The Source for Searches EPC service is available directly to members of the General Public as well as to Solicitors, Landlords, Estate Agents, Letting Agents and other property sector professionals.

All of our DEAs are qualified to levels 3, 4 & 5 and are also Green Deal certified. They carry Professional and Personal Liability insurance and are CRB checked for your added peace of mind.

Current regulations state that a seller and their Estate Agent must (at the minimum) be able to show that they have commissioned a Residential/Commercial EPC to be carried out before or as soon as a property is placed on the market or for rent

Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) for commercial properties are far more in-depth and complex than Residential. They assess how much energy is used to heat and/or air condition a building, as well as how much heat is lost through the structure of the premises. The Energy Rating is based upon the CO2 emissions resulting from the running of the building. It takes into account the different characteristics of the commercial premises, such as:

- Construction materials used.
- The age / size of the building
- Location and orientation of the building
- Calculation of Thermal Capacity and ‘U’ values
- Type of heating and air conditioning systems as applicable
- All installation / use of mechanical or natural ventilation
- Methods utilised for the provision and storage of hot water
- Insulation materials used throughout the fabric of the building
- All control systems in situ to manage heating/lighting/air conditioning.

Due to this we will provide you with a quote on a Commercial EPC, proceed with the order and we will contact with a quote and further instructions regard payment if you wish to proceed.

Turnaround time:
Contact within 24 hours with an appointment usually within 3 days. EPC within 48 hours of assessment

From £0.00
From £0.00 (Inc. VAT)

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