Landmark Energy & Infrastructure Report


£36.00 (inc. VAT)

From Tuesday 8th February 2021 the Energy and Infrastructure Report will increase in price to £31.50 exc. VAT (£37.80 inc. VAT)

The Energy & Infrastructure Report indicates if a commercial or residential site is likely to be impacted by the proposed new high speed rail network (HS2), on-shore energy exploration and production including areas licensed for hydraulic fracturing (fracking). The report also shows the location of existing and proposed wind farms and wind turbines across the UK.

High Speed 2
This report indicates if a site is likely to be impacted by the proposed new high speed rail network, whether it be a commercial or residential property located along its corridor. There is some concern regarding the impact on property prices and noise pollution, however some of this concern is unjustified, as part of the network will be underground. This highly cost effective report clearly identifies any legitimate issues.

Energy Exploration – including "Fracking"
DECC (the Department of Energy and Climate Change) has identified areas of land (licensed blocks) which could be earmarked for energy exploration and exploitation in the future. Given the high profile and potential high impact of operations associated with energy exploration and production, including hydraulic fracturing, the Energy & Infrastructure Report enables you to meet your client care requirement and is a valuable addition to your due diligence obligations.

Wind Farms and Wind Turbines
This report will clearly indicate whether the property is near to any recently constructed wind farms and turbines, wind farms that are still under construction and those that have consent to be constructed. Property owners may be concerned with the presence of a wind farm close to their home or business. Some common concerns relate to their effect on the landscape and noise pollution.

Other features:
- Cross Rail: Commenting on safeguarding limits, areas of surface interest and provision of details on the Crossrail route, including locations of proposed stations.
- Yorkshire and Humber Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Cross Country Pipeline location
- Clear mapping to the nearest point of the proposed High Speed 2 route, within 5km of rural areas and 2km of urban areas.
- Identifies if the property is near the proposed London-to-Leeds and Manchester route of the High Speed Rail
- Establishes whether the High Speed 2 route is in a tunnel, in a cutting, at ground level or on a viaduct
- Maximum speed of the train as it passes the property.
- Identifies where the High Speed 2 stations are for Phase 2 of the route (Birmingham to Manchester and Leeds
- Clear mapping to show areas of land that are licensed for onshore energy exploration and production with details of the associated license also provided.
- Mapping and detail to show the location and distance to the closest existing wind farms and wind turbines, wind farms under construction and those proposed for construction.

Turnaround time:
Up to 5 working days