Groundsure NEW Mine Entry Report

Groundsure Mine Entry Report

Groundsure are pleased to announce that from Monday 8th July we are able to provide a Mine Entry Report in conjunction with Mining Searches UK. This is a follow-up report to the Groundsure CON29M Official Coal Mining Search. Where mine entries (shafts and adits) are identified within 20m of a property, the CON29M recommends that they are investigated further through this interpretative report.
This new report includes:
 A clear statement of risk associated with mine entries within 20m of the property
 Further details provided on each mine entry
 The calculated zone of influence for each mine entry
 Where appropriate connecting underground roadways are included
 An OS MasterMap site plan displaying the zone of influence of each mine entry
 Guidance on next steps in the event of subsidence damage

Groundsure MER - SAMPLE - Pass
Groundsure MER - SAMPLE - Potential Risk

Site sizes covered:
Groundsure Mine Entry Report 0 - 5 hectares
Groundsure Mine Entry Report 5 - 15 hectares
Groundsure Mine Entry Report 15 - 25 hectares
Groundsure Mine Entry Report 25 - 50 hectares