Groundsure Screening has been redesigned and enhanced with new features, improved layout and design for clearer navigation – streamlining Property Lawyer workflow.

Screening covers contaminated land, flood, ground stability, radon and energy risks. Its new user friendly layout now includes full flood and energy sections. Only relevant results are returned, making for concise and easy to follow results and recommendations.

Groundsure is the preferred supplier to the UK commercial property secured lending market. Screening has been developed in conjunction with leading UK banks and meets lending security compliance, and addresses your obligations under The Law Society’s Practice Notes on contaminated land and flooding.

• Intelligently filtered data
• Intuitive layout and page flow
• Fewer pages
• Plain English

What is it for?
Screening is the ideal report for lower value less complex commercial property transactions and multi-site portfolios.

What does it review?
• Law Society compliant contaminated land assessment, including confirmation of any high risk features by our experts
• Flood risk assessment covering river, coastal, surface water and groundwater compliant with Law Society guidance
• Energy includes current and proposed oil and gas exploration areas and wells, wind farms, solar farms, power stations and large energy infrastructure
• Planning constraints to inform about environmental and cultural designations in the area that could impact on planning proposals
• Ground stability screening covers natural and non-natural subsidence potential including coal mining screening
• Property specific radon assessment
• Transportation screening covering Crossrail 1 and 2, HS2, active railways, underground and DLR

£10m Professional Indemnity Insurance (any one claim). Can be relied upon by all professional parties within a property transaction, first purchasers / tenants and their advisers. Please refer to Groundsure terms & conditions.

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Groundsure Screening up to 15 Hectares
Groundsure Screening 15 - 50 Hectares
Groundsure Screening 50 - 100 Hectares
Groundsure Screening 100 - 150 Hectares
For areas larger than 150 Hectares please contact us