RiskView Residential

Risk View Residential

Today’s housing market is full of homebuyers demanding a quick turnaround, excellent service and great value for money. Meeting these demands is certainly not easy, especially when it comes to searches.

The  RiskView Residential deals with the following issues: Contaminated Land, Flood, Ground Stability and Energy & Infrastructure are all assessed in a single, easy-to-read report, complete with follow-up guidance and support where issues are flagged.

It’s the all-in-one environmental report that’s simple, helpful and accessible.

A new way of reporting risk
The report itself simple with a clear summary front page and only results requiring further action or investigation are included. This new way of presenting results significantly cuts down on the size of the report so you can save time preparing your search packs and your clients get the 'yes', 'no' or a 'what do we do now?' advice all backed up by 'next steps' guidance from expert environmental consultants Argyll Environmental Ltd.

It's simpler pricing too. You can now offer a fixed fee service with confidence, knowing you’ll have the results you need in one go without having to return to clients with new demands for fees.

Share findings with clients online
RiskView Residential is built for the digital age. With an online viewing platform that's accessible via links embedded within the PDF report. Your clients simply click through to a unique interactive map where they can easily navigate through the data to analyse the results. This interactive tool will help them interpret the data correctly and answer questions themselves reducing enquiries back to yourself. You can now present the information the way they want to see it, quickly and online.

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