We've teamed up with MetroRod


Source for Searches have teamed up with MetroRod Exeter Ltd to offer a service to find out the line of private sewers at a property. A private sewer CCTV survey.

Metrorod Exeter offers the latest in CCTV technology utilising specially developed state-of-the-art wireless iTouch system which produces high quality colour pictures and video. This allows the engineers to take a close-up look at the inside of drains, pipes and sewers. These surveys identify the cause and nature of blockages while checking for internal conditions and pipe work integrity, as well as using GPS to produce a detailed site location plan identifying asset responsibility.

The iTouch system allows the engineers to produce reports live while onsite and enables clients immediate real time access to the report. The report is produced in the standard format and is recognised throughout the water industry, and is submissible to solicitors for updating legal documents with regards to properties underground assets.

Offered also is a range of repair works from no-dig relining to full replacement, and quotes for repairs following on from a CCTV survey if requested within 90 days of completion, all quotes are valid for 30 days.

This service will provide homeowners with a solution to a issue Source for Searches continuously face; when someone wants to know where the sewers are in a garden, but they are not shown in their search results as they are private sewers, which South West Water have no record or responsibility of.

With worries over which contractors can be trusted to provide a genuine value for money service and which can supply the level of quality in reporting that is required, this service puts the customer in an easy position to find this information from a reliable and trusted source.

The service is available as of January 2013 and certainly compliments the portfolio of products Source for Searches are offering.