Decade of the CON29DW Drainage & Water Enquiry

CON29DW Drainage and water search

April 2012 marks the 10th anniversary of the Law Society’s CON29 Drainage and Water Enquiry.

As the official drainage and water search, the CON29DW is an essential part of the conveyancing process.  It provides potentially deal-breaking information on water and sewerage infrastructure for prospective property purchasers. The enquiry protects buyers and their advisors from unnecessary risk, with a clear trail of responsibility back to the water companies.

From its origins as just two basic water and drainage questions in the Local Authority search, the CON29DW has grown to its current formation of 23 questions. They cover crucial information that has the potential to affect the value and title of the property, such as build-over consents, adoption agreements, and services for which the property is connected.  These standard questions are answered by all the ten water and sewerage companies who deliver the CON29DW. So whether the enquiry is purchased in Cumbria or Cornwall it consistently contains the same important areas of property information.

Since the launch of the CON29DW enquiry by the Law Society in 2002 the search has evolved in response to relevant legislative changes, ensuring it remains accurate, relevant and up to date.  These have included the introduction of DG5 flooding information following the implementation of HIPS in 2007, and new informatives to cover the wholesale transfer of private sewers to the water companies in 2011.

Significant investment in technology and training has delivered improved systems, data quality and service levels, with 95% of all searches now returned in just 3 days. The development of new services such as the Commercial Drainage and Water enquiry, designed specifically for commercial purchases, also provides consumers and their advisors with tailored levels of protection for commercial requirements.
Looking forward to the next decade, the industry will continue supporting best practice in this specialist property search sector.

Press release dated 13 April 2012 on behalf of the Water UK - Water Industry Property Information Network (WIPIN)