Bournemouth Water Asset Plan

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£9.76 (Inc. VAT)

Source for Searches can provide an asset plan showing all known Bournemouth Water maintained (public) assets.

This product is only available for locations inside the Bournemouth Water region and does not show any sewers.

The plan may be useful for:

- NRSWA applications
- Planning applications with the local authority
- Homeowners knowledge
- Conservatory/Extension planning
- Landscaping planning
- Initial stages of a development planning
- As part of a wider Utilities overview

Please note that service pipes will not be shown.

Turnaround time:
Up to 5 working days

If required, your report can be delivered within 24 hours of the order being placed at an additional fee of £35.70.

£9.76 (Inc. VAT)

Our Rapid Search service can deliver the majority of the reports within 24 hours (1 working day) of placing your order, for a set additional fee.