Coal Mining Search (CON29M Commercial)

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Coal mining searches are considered by property professionals as vital for anyone buying property in any coal mining area in Britain. Source for Searches offer the Commercial Coal mining search from the Coal Authority which holds and maintains the national coal mining database. 

-  Available throughout Scotland, England and Wales
-  Site specific covering up to 25 hectares
-  Answers the due diligence enquiries 1-12 of the Law Society’s CON29M 2006
-  Answers enquiries 1-11 of the ScotForm 2006 coal mining search in Scotland
-  Shows past, current and future underground and surface coal mining activity
-  Shafts and adits
-  Coal mining geology
-  Subsidence damage claims
-  Gas emissions
-  Emergency call-out surface hazard incidents 
-  Brine subsidence claim information from the Cheshire Brine Board (in England and Wales)

Turnaround time:
5 - 10 working days

£92.40 (Inc. VAT)

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