Groundsure Agricultural up to 15 Hectares

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Potential agricultural land buyers need a clear understanding of any environmental risks, and resulting liabilities, which may affect their purchases. Groundsure Agricultural provides a full assessment on banking security. It covers past and present land use of the site and comes with expert interpretation and opinion from Groundsure’s IEMA qualified consultants.

Groundsure Agricultural gives an essential insight for farming sites and includes topography data, land use classifications and stewardship schemes. It also accesses Groundsure’s unique historical data which has specific land use records dating back to the 1840s.

- Five-tier environmental risk assessment
- Environmental permits, incidents and registers
- Detailed active and historical landfill data from authoritative sources, including the Environment Agency, British Geological Survey (BGS), Local Authorities and historical Ordnance Survey mapping
- National Grid gas pipeline and electricity transmission lines
- Flood-risk screening
- Hydrogeology Historic rights of way
- High Speed (HS2) rail network – proximity to potential build disruption and purchase risks
- Detailed commentary on working farmyards
- Agricultural Land Classification, indicating the land’s potential productivity
- Non-coal mining risks and related subsidence hazards
- Designated Environmentally Sensitive Sites including ancient or protected woodland
- Assessment of archaeological sites of interest

Other sizes of land covered by this product:
Groundsure Agricultural 15 to 50 Hectares (150,000 to 500,00 sqm)
Groundsure Agricultural 50 to 100 Hectares (500,000 to 1 million sqm)
Groundsure Agricultural 100 to 200 Hectares (1 million to 2 million sqm)
Groundsure Agricultural 200 to 300 Hectares (2 million to 3 million sqm)
For areas larger than 300 Hectares please contact us

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£276.00 (Inc. VAT)