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From £105.00
From £126.00 (Inc. VAT)

A comprehensive desktop analysis of flood risk, taking into account flood defences and the availability of insurance. Examines river, coastal, surface, groundwater and other sources of flood risk and comes complete with an online map viewer to examine risks further. This report meets the needs of the Law Society Flood Risk Practice Note.

Use this report to understand:
- The principal flood risks at your site 
- The risk of flooding from rivers and sea when flood defences are operational but also when they are
  absent, fail or are over-topped
- The risk of flooding from surface water
- The risk of flooding from groundwater
- Whether there have been any historical flood events close to the site
- Whether the overall flood risk at the site could have an impact on your ability to obtain flood risk
  insurance without having to pay high premiums

Key features:
- Flood analysis considers the height of the land to more accurately determine the specific risk to a
- Trusted and reliable data from industry experts such as JBA Consulting, Environment Agency and
- Easy to interpret report with a clear summary front page and only results requiring further action or
  investigation included
- Professional opinion and recommendations text suitable to be copied into client reports
- Online viewer providing interactive maps and clear interpretation of the data for the homebuyer
- Flood risk gauges enabling you to identify the level of risk from the various causes of flooding

Turnaround time:
Up to 5 working days

From £105.00
From £126.00 (Inc. VAT)

For reference 1 hectare is 10,000sqm and 1 acre is approx 4,000sqm

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