Sitecheck Combined Report

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From £215.00
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Sitecheck Combined is an environmental and flood risk assessment for commercial properties where no development or change of use is proposed. As well as providing an indication as to whether a site could be contaminated, it provides a comprehensive assessment of all major sources of flooding. What's included: - Consultant’s Professional Opinion - Contaminated Land Risk Assessment - Flood Information and Mapping - Ground Stability Data - Other Environmental Hazards - PI Cover of £10 million and Compliments our Premium Commercial DW Search Product Features: - Clear executive summary highlighting both contaminated land liability and flood risk. - Full range of key environmental datasets including the UK’s most comprehensive landfill data. - The latest flood data from JBA Consulting, Ordnance Survey, the Environment Agency and British Geological Survey. - Comprehensive natural hazards data including the most recent radon data.

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Up to 5 working days

From £215.00
From £258.00 (Inc. VAT)

For reference 1 hectare is 10,000sqm and 1 acre is approx 4,000sqm

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