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Groundsure’s Homebuyers Plus report is a new residential environmental risk report, an enhanced version of the existing Homebuyers report which will keep your transaction moving faster. This report is based on Land Registry polygons (the original Homebuyers is point based), and has several new features, vastly improved layout, design and clearer navigation - all improving conveyancer workflow.

Homebuyers Plus reviews flood, contaminated land, ground stability and screens other environmental risks such as energy, transportation and planning to provide comprehensive environmental checks for a residential property.

The Homebuyers Plus report is the equivalent of the existing Homebuyers report but with additional data and layout enhancements:

Flood risk assessment now includes new JBA 5m groundwater data – detailing all sources of flood including groundwater and surface water risk. Also reviews historical flood events & proposed flood defence schemes

Enhanced view on potential and planned energy installations - the energy alert details specific energy infrastructure categories within 5km of the property. This alert includes existing and proposed: oil and gas sites including fracking; power stations including nuclear; wind power projects; solar farms and major energy infrastructure projects

Enhanced transportation summary – provides detail on HS2 (route, safeguarding, stations & depots); Crossrail 1 (route, stations, worksites); Railways (active railways, stations), Docklands Light Railway, active railways, HS2 and the Crossrail 1 project

Enhanced screening on planning applications

Enhanced visual and cultural designations – e.g. building conservation areas, listed buildings.

Why does Homebuyers Plus work harder for you and keep your transactions moving faster?

Improved accuracy
Uses Land Registry polygons (compared to points based in the original Homebuyers) - improving the accuracy of site plans and associated detail

Plain English
• All text written in plain English (jargon free)
• Easier to read for the conveyancer
• Easier to read and understand for the end user
• With clear recommendations and next steps outlined

Site boundary on MasterMap
The site boundary is overlaid onto MasterMap (featured on the 1st page), the most detailed, up-to-date and comprehensive map data available in the UK.

Intuitive layout and page flow
Colour coded risk ratings with a pass/next steps indicator on the first page. Risks are identified clearly and easily - enabling faster and smarter decisions. Improved page flow: 1st page overall rating and dashboard, 2nd page next steps, 3rd page section summaries.

Fewer pages
• 70% fewer pages (15-20 pages vs. 50+ previously) with clearer information
• Time savings of 10-30 minutes per report
• Up to 50% smaller file sizes and smaller email attachments
• Lower printing and postage costs
• Only the relevant data - no blank maps or pages, less words, more facts.

Homebuyers Plus, all you need delivered in a smarter way

Groundsure’s Historical Land Use Database – with 7000+ landuse clarifications, one of the most comprehensive resources available dating back to 1840s with maps scanned in at over 500dpi - a new industry standard. The most accurate database for storage tanks, energy features and military installations

Environmental Permits, Incidents and Registers

Active and historical landfill data from authoritative sources, including the Environment Agency, British Geological Survey (BGS), Local Authorities and historical Ordnance Survey mapping

Current industrial site data
Ofcom mobile phone mast information - locations & planning applications relating to phone masts

Potentially infilled land

Historic military and ordnance sites

Designated environmentally sensitive sites including Green Belt, Local Nature Reserves and National Parks Ground stability assessment including non-coal mining and subsidence risks Coal mining screening

Detailed radon potential data

JBA Floodability Rating & Flood Re statement

Turnaround time:
Up to 5 working days

£70.80 (Inc. VAT)

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