Groundsure HS2 & Energy Search Report

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Property buyers are becoming increasingly concerned about the expansion of energy resources, especially relating to hydraulic fracturing. This, plus the potential impacts from HS2 and the disruption it brings, means they’re looking for certainty ahead of purchase.

Ensure peace of mind for your client with the only report containing all nationally significant energy infrastructure projects; Groundsure HS2 and Energy. This combined report provides insight on the location of both planned and existing energy extraction and generation installations, including hydrocarbon drilling wells and power stations. It also details the proximity of the property to the Crossrail 1 network and proposed High Speed 2 route.

Additional features include compensation schemes and the top speed of trains to help assess potential noise pollution. Crossrail 1 data also highlights the route and worksites of the network, along with timescales of works.

This report identifies whether the property is within:
- 5km of Phase One or Phase Two of the HS2 route and within any compensation areas
- 500m of the Crossrail project
- 25km of planned or existing oil, gas, coalbed methane and shale gas exploration and extraction sites
- 15km of active or planned wind or solar farms
- 25km of planned or existing power stations, including nuclear
- 25km of planned or existing large scale energy infrastructure (including the Yorkshire & Humber CCS Project, the Keuper Gas Storage Project, the Richborough Connection Project and 95 others)

Turnaround time:
Up to 5 working days

If required, your report can be delivered within 24 hours of the order being placed at an additional fee of £35.70.

£30.00 (Inc. VAT)

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