Homecheck Professional Ground Stability report

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The Homecheck Professional Ground Stability Report is a UK wide available report for domestic properties that covers all types of mining and other ground stability issues. It is a valuable screening tool for potential risks and identifies any need to engage a surveyor or structural engineer on specific issues.

Identifies threats to the stability of the foundations from:
-  Historical mining
-  Redundant quarries
-  Landfill sites
-  Spoil heaps
-  Other waste disposal methods

With potential risk for landslides, debris flows and collapses as many of the redundant quarries and open works have found a second life as landfill sites. For peace of mind Source for Searches can identify these risks.

From 31st August 2017 the 'Homecheck Ground Stability' is going to be renamed as the 'Homecheck Mining and Subsidence'
Content and design upgrades will provide you with better clarity of information and next steps guidance for both man-made and natural hazards that could cause subsidence. In addition, the upgraded report will identify insurance claims that are a result of damage caused to nearby properties from subsidence or heave, further highlighting the potential for subsidence.

Turnaround time:
Up to 5 working days

If required, your report can be delivered within 24 hours of the order being placed at an additional fee of £22.20.

£24.00 (Inc. VAT)

Our Rapid Search service can deliver the majority of the reports within 24 hours of placing your order, for a set additional fee.

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