Landmark Homecheck Flood Report

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A comprehensive desktop analysis of flood risk, taking into account flood defences and the availability of insurance. Examines river, coastal, surface, groundwater and other sources of flood risk and comes complete with an online map viewer to examine risks further. This report meets the needs of the Law Society Flood Risk Practice Note.

Use this report to understand:
• The risk of flooding at residential sites
• The availability of buildings insurance
• Flood protection and resilience measures

What’s included
• Consultant’s professional opinion and next steps recommendations
• Identified risks manually reviewed by a consultant
• Clear front page risk result
• Landmark’s unique interactive viewer
• Flood information covering risks from river, coastal, groundwater, surface water and other sources
• Insurability statement

Key features
• Flood analysis considers the height of the land to more accurately determine the specific risk to a property
• Trusted and reliable data from industry experts such as JBA Consulting, Environment Agency, and Geosmart
• Easy to interpret report with a clear summary front page and only results requiring further action or investigation included
• Professional opinion and recommendations text suitable to be copied into client reports • Online viewer providing interactive maps and clear interpretation of the data for the homebuyer
• Flood risk gauges enabling you to identify the level of risk from the various causes

Expert recommendations and professional opinion
Every Homecheck Flood report comes with recommendations and professional opinion from Landmark Information Group's in-house environmental experts, providing clear and positive guidance, which can be copied into client reports.
As well as indicating the level of flood risk, Homecheck Flood provides positive options to help mitigate and manage flood risk on the property, including property level protection measures, such as door guards and air-brick covers, which benefit properties in locations where flood defences may not be present.

Know your flood risk
Flood risk is based on probability; to understand more about flood, including flood protection measures, please see the Know Your Flood Risk website at:

Insurability statement
Highlights if insurance is likely to be available and affordable for the property. Also indicates if high risk properties may be eligible for Flood Re. Flood Re is a Government approved scheme, intended to ensure that homeowners whose properties are at high flood risk can obtain affordable flood home insurance.
Properties will be eligible for Flood Re only if they meet all of the criteria – see details of eligible properties at:

Due diligence
• Meeting the requirements of the Law Society Flood Practice
• Indicates if insurance is likely to be available and affordable for the property
• Highlights the risk of flooding at the property and provides guidance on flood resistance and resilience measures

Why you need it:
5.2 million people in England and Wales are deemed to be at risk of flooding. Less than 40% of those at significant risk of flooding are aware of their risk and the impact of flooding
on people’s lives, as measured by insurance claims, has increased significantly in Britain and across the world.*
* Source: National Flood Forum


Turnaround time:
Up to 5 working days

If required, your report can be delivered within 24 hours of the order being placed at an additional fee of £35.70.

£30.00 (Inc. VAT)

Our Rapid Search service can deliver the majority of the reports within 24 hours (1 working day) of placing your order, for a set additional fee.

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