Site Security Statement

To ensure your confidence please see the site security information below that lists the security features of the site.

- Protected by SSL Certification to ensure your transactions and personal information are encrypted,
- Built using Drupal which is backed by a world wide developer community, and a dedicated Security Team, 
- E-commerce transactions are enabled by CyberSource; the world's first eCommerce Payment Management Company, who's client list includes British Airways, Nike and,
- The server infrastructure that hosts the website benefits from nightly updates and security patches, 
- The website has been extensively tested for such issues as:
SQL injection,
Cross site scripting,
Session management,
Cross site request forgery.

Important message re Heartbleed
This website has been updated following the disclosure of the Heartbleed security vulnerability. To help ensure you stay secure, we recommend you change your password before continuing. For more information on the Heartbleed bug, click here.

If you have a specific security concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.