Source for Searches now offer Groundsure environmental risk reports which cover land contamination, flooding and ground stability.

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    One in six homes in England and Wales are at some risk of flooding. Surface water events associated with heavy rainfall, high groundwater levels, and tidal and river flooding can all pose significant threats.

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    The new look Sitecheck Assess is now available.
    A new report design, with clear front page summary of any risks, will provide your clients with better clarity of information and next steps guidance

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Source for Searches offers a comprehensive range of property services for residential and commercial properties to support the purchase, sale, re-mortgage or development of property or land. The information that we provide identifies the potential risks that all parties involved in a property transaction need to be aware of.

Source for Searches provides all recommended search reports including:
CON29DW Drainage and Water Enquiry
Commercial Drainage and Water Enquiry
Landmark Envirosearch Residential
Groundsure Homebuyers
Landmark Plansearch Plus
Groundsure Homescreen
Landmark Flood Risk Report
Groundsure Flood (Residential)
Landmark RiskView
Mining Search UK
CLS Chancel Check
Local Authority search
CON29M Coal Mining Search

Source for Searches provides a fast and efficient response to all search requests for customers that include individuals purchasing their own home, solicitors and property search agents.