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Groundsure is the sole provider of the Cheshire Salt Search report. It is a Law Society requirement to investigate subsidence risk due to brine extraction in Cheshire. Much of Cheshire is at increased risk of subsidence due to mining practices. In addition previous compensation payouts mean that some properties are not eligible for relevant compensation. The report provides invaluable information for consideration before a property in Cheshire is purchased or developed. This data was previously part of the Coal Authority's CON29M report but is now a new standalone report that can be bought alongside the new Enviro All-in-One or other Groundsure searches when required.

The report identifies whether the property would be eligible for compensation under the 1952 and 1964 Acts if it is affected by brine pumping related subsidence in the future.

The report is required by the Law Society when purchasing property in Cheshire, due to the effects of the above

Brine pumping over many years has caused properties to be at risk of subsidence in Cheshire, so those buying or developing property need to know if this affects them

The most significant subsidence can be far away from the actual sites of the salt works and mines, meaning it is not possible to determine where the risk will be directly from the location of the salt works or mines.

Some properties have been subject to a “commutation payment”, where once and for all payment were made in lieu of carrying out repairs, meaning future owners of the same property are not able to claim for damage. However, if the commuted building has since been demolished and replaced with further building, that building may be potentially eligible for compensation.

Please contact us for areas larger than 0.03 hectares.

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