Landmark Sitecheck Planning (up to 2 ha)


£198.00 (inc. VAT)

The Sitecheck Planning Report provides details of planning applications and potential development nearby, ensuring you are aware of any potential changes in the area that could affect the use or value of a commercial premises or site.

Sitecheck Planning
• Planning applications since 1997 within 800m search radius
• Applications separated by size and end use type
• Unique interpretation of Local Development Plans and Local Development Framework (LDF), giving an insight into the local authority’s vision for future development in the area
• Land uses and amenities in the surrounding area
• Information on demographics

Clear front-page summary specifying what applications have been identified within the respective search radii. Supported by mapping in the report

When to use
Any commercial transaction where development plans and applications require analysis

Other sizes of land covered by this product:
Landmark Sitecheck Planning 2 - 5 Hectares
Landmark Sitecheck Planning 5 - 10 Hectares
Landmark Sitecheck Planning 10 - 15 Hectares

Turnaround time:
Up to 5 working days