Landmark Sitecheck Planning (up to 2 ha)


£150.00 (inc. VAT)

From Tuesday 8th February 2021 the Sitecheck Planning (up to 2 ha) will increase in price to £131.25 exc. VAT (£157.50 inc. VAT)

Sitecheck Planning is the most comprehensive commercial planning product on the market, providing an even further level of planning detail to the Sitecheck Review, ensuring clients have all the information required about nearby proposed developments and land use designations so informed decisions can be made. 

Key features:
-  Comprehensive data on land use designations regarding Local Development Plans and the new format Local Development Frameworks.
-  Details of policies and proposals which will affect the property
-  A summary of which planning documents have been published in the area and their status
-  Local Information about the local neighbourhood is included on topics such as schools, insurance claims and population
-  Minor applications such as single storey extensions and dormer windows within the immediate vicinity
-  Development plan tracker - A list of all the relevant, current and emerging development

Other sizes of land covered by this product:
Landmark Sitecheck Planning 2 - 5 Hectares
Landmark Sitecheck Planning 5 - 10 Hectares
Landmark Sitecheck Planning 10 - 15 Hectares

Turnaround time:
Up to 5 working days