Should a problem arise . . 

Like every business, we don't like receiving complaints but we believe that they are very important to us. They give us valuable information to help us improve what we do and give us the chance to prove that our customers are important to us.

Of course, we make every effort to ensure that all of our searches are accurate and sent in a timely and appropriate fashion. However, we understand that on occasion not everything may go as planned. In these rare situations, we will always try to resolve the issue or complaint in a full and immediate fashion. Should you feel that we have not done this, or are not satisfied with the course of action we have taken then you can ask that we escalate the matter internally or refer your matter to an independent third party.

As part of our resolution process, we offer the following assurances.

1. We will listen to your complaint and do our best to resolve it immediately.
2. If we cannot resolve it at the time, we will record the details of your complaint and we will investigate and contact you within 5 working days in writing and response within 10 working days.
3. Depending on the scale of the investigation required, we will keep you informed of the progress and update you with the new timescales, if necessary.
4. If you want us to liaise with a third party on your behalf, just let us know.
5. If we cannot resolve your complaint or have failed to comply with the complaint’s procedure, we can ask an independent body to mediate.

If we consider the complaint to be justified, you can expect the following from Source for Searches:

1. We will refund you the search fee. We will also provide you with a revised search and undertake action within our control to put things right in line with the product terms and conditions. You will be informed of any action required.
2. If your search takes us longer than ten working days to complete and we have not communicated the reasons for the delay, you will receive the search free of charge.
3. Once you have our response, if you are still unhappy, please let us know and we can escalate your complaint.
4. While we aim to resolve your complaint first time, if we are unable to resolve the issue to your satisfaction, ultimately you can contact The Property Ombudsman Scheme (TPOs). Click here for TPOs contact details.

Getting in touch

In the unlikely event you need to contact us please ring 0845 330 3401 where lines are open from 9am – 4pm Monday to Friday and a personal case manager will take responsibility for resolving your complaint.

Alternatively, email us at

If you would prefer to write to us, please address your letter to the Searches Team Manager at the following address:

Source for Searches
Peninsula House
Rydon Lane
Exeter, EX2 7HR