To register and place an order on our website please follow the steps below.

  • Go to select ‘Register’ located in the top right corner of the page. This opens the Registration page to register for a Source for Searches account you will need to enter your email, name, create and confirm a password, provide your company name if you have one and a contact telephone number. Once you have completed the ‘reCAPTUHA’ confirming ‘I’m not a robot’ click on ‘Register’. An email will be sent to your email address asking you to ‘Please verify your email’.  

  • Once your account has been verified and you have logged in to your account you will be able to place your order. 

  • For example: To place an order for a South West Water Underground Asset Plan, go to Commercial and select Underground Asset Plan located underneath the heading Recommended.

  • Enter the post code for the property in the address check and select find, select the address from the dropdown options which will lock in the address for the search. If the address is not shown in  the dropdown list click on ‘Or enter manual address’ which is located underneath the find button, if you do not have a full address type a ‘ . ‘ (full stop) in the blank fields. 
  • Once you have confirmed the address you can add a ‘Client Reference’ if required and upload a plan and then ‘Add to Cart’ 

  • To view your cart click on the cart icon located at the top right of the page. 

  • Select ‘Checkout’ and you will be taken to the checkout which will ask for Billing information and you will be able to add ‘Order Comments’. 

  • Select ‘Proceed to Payment’ which opens a page to enter your payment card details and click ‘Pay now’ and then confirm order on the next page. You will then receive an email an email confirmation of the order. A VAT receipt will be sent by post to your billing address. 

  • Your order will then be processed and returned to you by email, a VAT receipt will be sent by post and should arrive with you a few days after completion of your order.