Groundsure Floodview <15 ha


£141.24 (inc. VAT)

Floodview is a comprehensive flood risk search for commercial properties, comprising a fully interpreted flood risk assessment and a view on the likely availability of flood risk insurance for the property.

Floodview uses a detailed water and drainage risk model devised by industry experts, and provides detail on all potential flood hazards – not just river and tidal. The report includes our unique risk analysis as well as a view on flood risk insurance and offers access to our expertly qualified environmental consultants for further advice and support.

Utilising Land Registry polygons to ensure a comprehensive accurate assessment of all flood risks, it reduces the need for further searches. The report’s user friendly layout and design provides clearer navigation improving workflow for commercial real estate lawyers.

Key Features:

• Satisfies Law Society Practice Note on Flood Risk

• River and Coastal flood risk data from the Environment Agency including RoFRaS, flood defences, areas benefiting from flood defences and proposed flood defence schemes

• 5m surface water (pluvial) flood risk data

• 5m groundwater flooding data

• Environment Agency recorded historic flood events

• FloodScore™ – gives an indicative assessment of the potential insurance risk classification from flooding

• NPPF Flood Risk Assessment indicator

Key Benefits

• Improved accuracy using Land Registry polygons

• Site boundary on MasterMap – enables clear identification of boundary for title

• Intuitive layout and page flow

Other sizes of land covered by this product:
Groundsure Floodview 15 - 50 Hectares
Groundsure Floodview 50 - 100 Hectares
Groundsure Floodview 100 - 150 Hectares
For areas larger than 150 Hectares please contact us

Turnaround time:

Up to 5 working days

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