Groundsure Floodview <15 ha


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Groundsure Floodview is a comprehensive flood risk search for commercial properties,comprising a fully interpreted flood risk assessment and a view on the likely availability of flood risk insurance for the property. The report utilises Groundsure’s detailed flood risk databases which includes detail from JBA Risk Management, the Environment Agency and the British Geological Survey.

Surface water events associated with heavy rainfall, high groundwater levels, and tidal and river flooding can all pose significant threats. Groundsure Floodview uses a detailed water and drainage risk model devised by industry experts, and provides detail on all potential flood hazards – not just river and tidal.

Flood risk assessments help to safeguard your commercial clients against serious liabilities including property damage, disrupted services, destroyed stock and injured or inconvenienced staff.

For total clarity, the Groundsure Floodview indicates different flood hazards on separate maps; for increased peace of mind, if a site is identified as high risk, we can connect you with environmental insurance solutions and our IEMA qualified environmental consultants are on hand to provide guidance and support.

- River and Coastal flood risk data from the Environment Agency including Flood Zones, RoFRaS, Flood Defences and Proposed Flood Defence Schemes.
- Surface water (pluvial) flood risk data from JBA Risk Management.
- Groundwater flooding susceptibility data from the British Geological Survey.
- Recorded Historic Flood Events.
- JBA Risk Management Reservoir Failure.
- Geological indicators of historical flooding.
- Likelihood of flood risk insurance availability.

Other sizes of land covered by this product:
Groundsure Floodview 15 - 50 Hectares
Groundsure Floodview 50 - 100 Hectares
Groundsure Floodview 100 - 150 Hectares
For areas larger than 150 Hectares please contact us

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Up to 5 working days

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