Landmark Flood


£48.00 (inc. VAT)

Landmark Flood (Previously HCPF) is a detailed flood risk assessment. The assessment is derived following a review of a comprehensive suite of flood data extending beyond the four main sources of flooding including historic flood events, the river network and the elevation of the Site in relation to these features. If a High risk is indicated by flood data, an environmental consultant at Argyll will review the risk to ensure the overall assessment is accurate.

Flood Risk
• Assessment includes all key sources of flooding as well as proximity to and elevation above historic flood events and watercourses. Backed by £10m PI
• Market leading assessment as data is scrutinised by a consultant if a high risk is identified
• Sophisticated flood risk model including undefended and defended risk
• A clear report conclusion of Passed or Further Action and a ‘Professional Opinion’ to copy into the report on title.
• Insurability statement

Flood risk assessment that meets the needs of the Law Society’s Flood Risk Practice Notes. If high risk, an Argyll consultant will review the data.

When to use
Any residential transaction where flood risk requires proper investigation.

Turnaround time:
Up to 5 working days

Example Report