Groundsure Avista


£151.20 (inc. VAT)

Groundsures leading environmental search report that includes both a CON29M compliant mining search and innovative ClimateIndex™ forward climate scenario modelling - enabling you to be compliance ready for future lender reporting requirements.

The environmental search report that works smarter to keep your transactions moving.

Avista is the most comprehensive environmental search report available comprising ten key searches for residential property transactions, together with forward modelling of potential climate change risk from our new ClimateIndex™ module.

Groundsure analyse over 110 million data points to produce every Avista report. These include mining and contaminated land features, all four major flood risks, ground stability, radon, current and planned energy features and transportation, and 10 years of planning data.

By using Land Registry polygons and our intelligent filtering tool, only relevant results are returned, leaving fewer blank data tables and maps. And because Avista also includes a CON29M coal mining search and all other mining types available, it saves you and your client time and money with one search and all the answers.

Key Features:

• Avista combines 10 environmental and geological searches in one, including contaminated land liability search, forward climate risk and 10 years of planning applications

• ClimateIndex™ – Forward climate scenario modelling for flood, subsidence & coastal erosion risks. Enables you to be compliance-ready for any future lender reporting requirements.

• Based on Land Registry polygon data for the highest level of accuracy
Unique and intelligent Avista Action Alert case management tool

• Utilising the environmental expertise of our in-house qualified consultants in one environmental search report

• In-depth energy and transportation data including current and historic rail, subway and tram tunnels and features, together with renewable and other energy existing and proposed developments.

Key Benefits

• Supports compliance with 2 Law Society practice notes, Law Society Conveyancing handbook guidance for ground stability and mining and compliance-ready for forward climate risk due diligence.

• Clear, accurate risk identification and next steps for your client.
Improved accuracy – using Land Registry Title polygons so it captures all features within the specific property and boundary

• The Avista Action Alert supports your case management by highlighting which reports could need more attention for your client.

• Powered by the Groundsure IQ – 110 million data points managed by our unique AI algorithm, intelligently filtered and supported by our in-house consultancy expertise

• Uses Groundsures National Brownfield Risk Model and National Mining And Stability Risk Model

Turnaround time:

Up to 5 working days

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