Landmark Planning


£42.00 (inc. VAT)

From Tuesday 8th February 2021 the Landmark Planning will increase in price to £36.75 exc. VAT (£44.10 inc. VAT)

This Product has replaced the Landmark Plansearch Plus which was discontinued by Landmark on the 29th January 2021.

Use this report to understand:

• Whether there are nearby residential planning applications that may impact the property. These are divided into:
– Alterations and minor
– New builds up to 50 dwellings
– New builds over 50 dwellings
– Unclassified
• What small, medium and large nonresidential developments are proposed or are currently being carried out in the area
• What future uses of land are being proposed for the surrounding area
• Local authority policies and constraints
• Neighbourhood information including housing, demographics, schools, local amenities and rights of way

What’s included:
• Residential Planning Applications
• Non-residential Planning Applications
• Local Plans
• Land Use Designations
• Rights of Way
• Housing and Demographics
• Education
• Amenities
• 7 year history of planning applications

When do I need this report?
Traditionally solicitors have carried out two types of enquiries to find out about planning issues:
• A local authority search, which provides information that is generally limited to the extent of the subject property
• A Property Information Form, which relies on the knowledge of the seller

The Landmark Planning report is designed to supplement the findings of the local authority search by also looking at development activity in the wider area.

Designed specifically for residential buyers and their solicitors, the Landmark Planning report will provide key information so that clients can make informed decisions on the impact, if any, a development may have on the value or enjoyment of the property in the future.

Key features:
• Clear front page summary showing the type, vicinity and number of applications near the property
• Easily interpreted planning application information with maps
• Simple guidance to understanding the planning application and development process
• Large aerial photograph
• Turnaround time of one working day
• Comprehensive Landmark terms and conditions

Turnaround time:
Up to 5 working days