Landmark Planning


£51.00 (inc. VAT)

Landmark Planning provides unrivalled data accuracy through Planning Applications as Polygons, covering most of the UK. The polygons, provide a footprint for the development which is a much more accurate representation of a developments potential impact on an area. Less time is required analysing applications to understand their extent and impact.
Results of the report are clearly displayed on the easy to use, front page summary. The report looks out to varying distances based on development size so not to identify projects unnecessarily.

Landmark Planning also provides essential planning, neighbourhood and local amenity information to homebuyers and current homeowners in mainland Great Britain. It supports the homebuyer in making an informed decision by supplying quality information for the property and surrounding area.

• Planning applications since 1997 within 250m search radius
• Large Applications as Polygons for much of the UK for quicker interpretation
• Commercial and residential applications separated by development size
• Clear front-page summary identifying what applications have been identified
• Land use designations as set out in the Local Plan
• Housing and neighbourhood demographics
• Location of nearby amenities and education facilities
• Rights of Way

Clear front-page summary specifying what applications have been identified within the respective search radius Supported by mapping in the report

When to use
Any residential transaction

Turnaround time:
Up to 5 working days