Landmark Sitecheck Assess (up to 2ha)


£252.00 (inc. VAT)

Sitecheck Assess is Landmark’s core commercial environmental risk screen. The report provides a contaminated land liability risk assessment under Part 2A of the EPA. Alongside this the report provides screens to indicate whether flood risk or energy & infrastructure projects could be an issue at the property. If identified, a report providing a risk assessment is recommended. The report also covers radon and potential environmental constraints.

• Contaminated land liability assessment for Part 2A of the EPA backed by £10m PI
• Clear report conclusion of Passed or Further Action and a ‘Professional Opinion’ to copy into the report on title.
• Landmarks innovate and ever expanding ‘Risk Assessed Land Register’ dataset to provide more passes early on.
• Free re-review service
Other Considerations
• Flood Risk Screen: A risk screen of a suite of flood data to identify whether a Landmark Flood Report should be ordered
• Radon: An assessment of whether Radon could be an issue in the location
• Energy & Infrastructure Screen: A screen of data included within the Argyll Energy & Infrastructure report to identify whether a report should be ordered
• Environmental Constraints information

Contaminated land liability assessment that meets the needs of the Law Society’s Contaminated Land Practice Note. Risk Screens of other environmental issues to identify whether other reports should be ordered.

When to use
A commercial transaction when only requiring a contaminated land liability assessment

Other sizes of land covered by this product:
Landmark Sitecheck Assess 2 - 5 Hectares
Landmark Sitecheck Assess 5 - 10 Hectares
Landmark Sitecheck Assess 10 - 15 Hectares

Turnaround time:
Up to 5 working days