Groundsure Regulated Metalliferous Mining Search

Up to 50,000 sqm (5 hectares)


£90.00 (inc. VAT)

A desktop search for conveyancing or building control requirements that provides an interpretive risk assessment from historical metal mining activity

The Groundsure metalliferous mining search is used for conveyancing or local authority building control requirements and provides an interpretive risk assessment from historical mining activity.

Who does a Metalliferous Mining Search help?

• Residential and commercial properties
• Purchasers, lenders, tenants and vendors

How does it work?

Groundsure reports are compiled using there in-house mining archive, accumulated over 40 years of reporting and includes various geological, Ordnance Survey, mining plans and charts, plus our own on-site archive as well as any previous site investigation information carried out by Groundsure.

Groundsure risk assessments are interpreted by their team of experienced specialists. Clear and concise information is provided and is backed by Groundsures  £10 million Professional Indemnity Insurance. The report will include a written section accompanied by a plan extract confirming the property location and showing any relevant mining features.

The Groundsure Metalliferous Mining Search provides an interpretive assessment on minerals including alum, arsenic, barium, copper, gold, iron, lead, manganese, ochre, silver, silverlead, tin, tungsten, umber and zinc, along with any current or potential future mining.

If mine workings are identified recommendations are provided to assist in the next steps to mitigate the risk.

Turnaround time:
Up to 5 working days

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