Landmark Chancel
The Landmark Chancel Report is a Chancel Repair Liability Screening Report, designed to identify historical parishes where a continuing Chancel liability exists.

The report combines data sourced from historical parishes, National Archives, tithe district and enclosures records, with expert interpretation and analysis from geographic historians and academics from the University of Portsmouth.

The benefits to you

The Landmark Chancel Report, powered by PinPoint Information, has been developed to provide an accurate analysis of any potential Chancel liabilities. If a risk is identified or further assessment of the findings is required, the PinPoint data team works in partnership with specialist University academics to provide a definitive response.

For added protection the Landmark Chancel includes PinPoint’s unique £3 million warranty from Aviva that provides in perpetuity cover to protect owners and lenders against Historical Data that is NOT held at the National Archive.

Why Landmark Chancel Reports?

Landmark Chancel Report combines a multitude of sourced data and expert interpretation alongside specialist support and guidance from the team at PinPoint Information to help both conveyancer and client in understanding any chancel repair liability in relation to their property or land purchase.

Landmark is at the forefront of legal products and data supply to the UK’s residential and commercial property market. Our pioneering tech, data, reports and expert team enable thousands of successful property transactions, every day.

Key Report Features

• Built with geographic historians to interpret and assess Chancel Repair risk

• Queries handled by industry professionals, in partnership with specialist academics

• Provides a report and warranty certificate where there is No Liability

• Includes £3 million Aviva insurance policy with in-perpetuity cover

• Or a report where there is a Potential Liability which includes a link for client to purchase bespoke Aviva insurance through PinPoin

PinPoint Chancel
With decades of experience in the sector, PinPoint Information has been providing due diligence reports to property professionals to help them identify, understand and assess risks. With a specialism in Mining Reports and Chancel Repair searches, the expert team has established its own extensive database and, combined with advanced risk modelling algorithms and techniques, PinPoint provides specialist support, consistent opinion and guidance to help clients in understanding related risks.

Sample Report - Chancel Commercial No Liability
Sample Report - Chancel Commercial Potential Liability
Sample Report - Chancel Residential No Liability
Sample Report - Chancel Residential Potential Liability