CON29DW Residential


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Source for Searches offers peace of mind for home buyers with the Law Society's Conveyancing 29 Drainage and Water enquiry (CON29DW) which identifies any liability that owners may incur and uncover problems that may impact on the property value and lead to expensive maintenance bills. A CON29DW Residential search is an essential part of due diligence in purchasing a property.

The CON29DW Residential Drainage and Water Enquiry include:

- An analysis of the risk of receiving low water pressure together with the possible remedial measures
- An assessment of the water hardness
- Charging basis for the property
- Connection details of the property to the public networks
- Details of the water meter location, if present
- Full colour plans showing details of mapped water company owned and maintained water and sewerage assets
- Information on the risk of internal sewer flooding (i.e. from overloaded nearby public sewers)
- The existence of any agreements or consents on the property
- The location of nearby sewage treatment works

This product is available nationwide so not to worry if it isn't in the South West Water area.

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Turnaround time:
Average of 5 working days in the South West Water Region - Please note that time scale can vary for out of area searches.

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