Landmark Homecheck Mining and Subsidence


£24.00 (inc. VAT)

From Tuesday 8th February 2021 the Homecheck Mining and Subsidence will increase in price to £21.00 exc. VAT (£25.20 inc. VAT)

The Homecheck Mining & Subsidence desktop report is designed to highlight any potential mining and subsidence hazards at your property. The presence of a hazard could mean that your property is at risk of structural damage from subsidence or heave. The report covers a wide range of hazards from man-made and natural sources and, uniquely, provides information on real cases insurance claims from subsidence.

Use this report to understand:
If there are man-made or natural hazards in the area that could cause damage to your property
If we have identified any insurance claims from subsidence in your postcode
If there have been any insurance claims in the immediate vicinity of your property that have been handled by the Coal Authority

What’s included:
Potential hazards from former mining operations
Potential hazards from former brine pumping and salt mining
Potential hazards from areas of former landfill and infilling
Potential hazards from natural sources
Insurance claims from subsidence
Subsidence insurance claims as a result of former coal mining

Why do you need it:
Subsidence (downward movement of the ground) and heave (upward movement of the ground) can be caused by man-made factors (e.g. mining and infilled ground) and natural factors (e.g. landslides and sink holes). Different parts of the country will be more prone to these hazards than others. This report will identify where hazards exist and provide additional information and guidance with clear next steps.

Turnaround time:
Up to 5 working days