The Landmark Climate Change ReportThe Landmark Climate Change Report

A report that helps you deliver extra value. It’s intuitive and keeps your clients up to speed on the short, medium and long term physical and transitional climate-based risks with advice and recommendations for a specific property.

Key benefits

Landmark’s Climate Change Report allows you to provide best practice due diligence and inform clients on future climate change risks.

The data baseline to inform the assessment is derived from UKCP18. Developed by the Met Office, this is the most authoritative climate projection data available for the UK.

• Easy-to-understand, intuitive report – based on a UPRN
• Queries handled by industry professionals, in partnership with specialist academics
• Introduces Climate Change to your clients along with recommendations for clear decision making
• Includes transition risk through energy performance
• Available for both Residential and Commercial property transactions

Why Landmark’s Climate Change Report?

This report draws insights from experts and presents them in a way that helps property professionals deliver value to customers.

We’re acknowledged leaders in legal products and data used by the UK’s property market. Our pioneering teams enable thousands of successful transactions, every day.

Climate change affects every industry, and every part of our lives. These key statistics are a reminder why it’s important to measure these specific risks and convey the significance of climate change risk to customers.

Flooding Flooding
Flood risk is currently measured to effect 5.4million properties in the UK.
Subsidence Subsidence
By 2030, the British Geological Survey (BGS) expect climate change-related subsidence to affect more than 3% of properties, and by 2070, over 10%.
Heat stress Heat stress
The most up to date Met Office predictions state that summer temperatures will be between 1 - 6°C warmer and 60% drier by 2070 with a greater possibility of heatwaves.

What are the key sections of the report?

Physical risks
• Flood risk
• Subsidence
• Heat Stress
• Coastal Erosion

Transitional Risks
• EPCs – energy performance

The search
This UPRN-based search is designed to provide an overview of future risk as well as in depth, advice and recommendations for managing current environmental risks at the property and is provided within the standard desktop search.

Sample Reports
Sample Climate Change Report - Residential
Sample Climate Change Report - Commercial

The Landmark Climate Change Report
Climate Change Residential Report £30 plus VAT.
Climate Change Commercial Report £40 plus VAT.