Landmark Homecheck Professional Environmental


£53.70 (inc. VAT)

Homecheck Professional provides a contaminated land liability risk assessment under Part 2A of the EPA. Alongside this, the report screens data to provide a basic understanding of whether flood risk, ground stability or radon could also be an issue. If identified, a report providing a risk assessment is recommended.

• Contaminated land liability assessment for Part 2A of the EPA
• Clear report conclusion of Passed or Further Action and a ‘Professional Opinion’ to copy into the report on title
• Landmark’s innovative and ever expanding ‘Risk Assessed Land Register’ dataset to provide more passes early on
• Contaminated land, excess free remediation contribution of £100,000
• Free re-review service

Other Considerations
• Flood Risk: A basic flood data screen to identify whether a Landmark Flood Report should be ordered
• Ground Stability: A basic ground stability and subsidence screen to identify whether a Homecheck Mining & Subsidence Report should be ordered
• Radon: An assessment of whether Radon could be an issue in the location

Contaminated land liability assessment that meets the needs of the Law Society’s Contaminated Land Practice Note

When to use
A basic residential transaction when only requiring an assessment of contaminated land

Turnaround time:
Up to 5 working days