Homecheck Environmental


£61.20 (inc. VAT)

Homecheck Environmental highlights the risk of contaminated land at the property, as well as a high level indication of other possible environmental risks, including flood, ground stability and radon. Meets the needs of the Law Society Practice note and Part 2A of the Environment Protection Act 1990

Designed for:
Residential property transactions

Use this report to understand:
– Environmental risks, including:
• Contaminated land assessment
• Flood screen
• Ground stability screen
• Radon
• Environmental constraints

What’s included
• Front page risk summary
• Consultant’s professional opinion
• Contaminated land risk assessment
• Flood screening
• Ground stability data
• Contaminated land excess free remediation contribution
• PI cover of £10 million *Subject to terms and conditions
• Free 'Further Action' risk re-review service

Key features
• Easy to interpret report with summary front page
• Professional opinion and recommendations

Best available data from industry experts, such as the Environment Agency, JBA Consulting, as well as Landmark's unique and extensive data holding built up over many years by our in-house data and environmental experts

Why you need it:
Highlights if there is a risk of contaminated land and identifies other environmental factors at or around the property; satisfying your environmental due diligence.

Expert professional opinion included
Every Homecheck Professional Environmental Report includes an accredited risk assessment from Argyll, Landmark's environmental consultancy, indicating the risk of the property being designated as contaminated land, as defined by Part 2A of the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

Free ‘Further Action’ report review
Where the client is able to provide Landmark with sufficient further information, the report will be re-reviewed at no extra cost. If the client provides information which mitigates the cause of the original result, a new ‘Passed’ result will be issued. This service is available free of charge when the customer provides the required information. Alternatively, we can procure the information on behalf of the client; in these situations charges will apply.

Examples of Landmark's unique data
• Landmark's historical land use data is used by over 350 Local Authorities, so you can be assured that you are benefiting from the same data that most LA's are using for their own Part 2A strategies.

• Landmark's Risk Assessed Land Register is a continually updated database of properties deemed as unlikely to be designated as contaminated land – greatly improving the efficiency of transactions and reducing the need for 'Further Action' reports

Contaminated land insurance
Contaminated Land Insurance is available to purchase via Landmark Information Group. This insurance provides £2M cover and protects a seller and a new purchaser for 15 years as standard, and protects a lender for the full term of their mortgage. Insurance can be purchased at the time as obtaining a Landmark Environmental Report and can also be purchased afterwards, if a Further Action Environmental Report has been received.

Turnaround time:
Up to 5 working days

Example Report